Journal Publication Ethical Guidelines:-

Publication of articles played a vital role in the peer reviewed journal. Articles develop logical system of comprehension, therefore it’s important for all publishers, editors, authors and reviewers to follow set of conducts and guidelines to maintain high professional standards. The ethics statement for International Journal for Advance and Innovative Research (IJAIR) journals is based on those by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). Code of Conduct guidelines available at

The fundamentals of IJAIR’S publishing ethics for all groups implicated in the publishing procedure are as follows:

Responsibilities of Publisher:

Clearly define the roles of editors to ensure decisions for transparency in publication and editorial approach. Ensures smooth and timely publication.

Academic contributions.

Assist editors, author and reviewers to perform their duties.

Keep the publication confidential.

Respect the reviewer’s work that is undertaken by them.

Responsibility of Editors:

Editor promptly acknowledges the submitted manuscripts within specific timeline and ensures a proficient and fair review process.

Editor maintains the confidentiality of manuscript and processed in an appropriate scientific manner.

Editor should away from conflict of interest from any authors or institutions associated to the manuscripts.

Editor did not disclose the identity of reviewers or author to third party without their permission.

Editor holds an important place taking significant decisions on all manuscripts submitted which are significant and scientifically ideal for journal publication.

Editor should be transparent to maintain high ethical standards for all the research and not oblige the authors in any implicit or overt conditions towards their manuscripts for publication.

The research integrity should be conserved and promptly respond whenever required at any stage or for any kind of deliquesce in research observed in peer review, rigorous investigation with suitable clout; should be solved with attentiveness.

Responsibility of Reviewer:

Provide rigorous, productive and balanced evaluation in an appropriate timeline for the submitted manuscript with scientific approach.

Maintain high level of confidentiality in the review process.

Show promptness in the review process with scientific precision and support the editorial decision and contribute in the journal publication with ethical guidelines.

Indicate whether the manuscript is significant, brief and understandable; evaluate the uniqueness with scientific accuracy.

Inform the editor about any conflict of interest and refuse to enter in any such review process if there is any possibility of conflict.

Immediately inform the editor if any ethical apprehensions found in evaluation of manuscripts; such as violation of scientific laws or similarity between prior published papers or manuscript contains more plagiarized data.

Responsibility of Authors:

Reported work in manuscript equipped with scientific accuracy with unique ideas and falsified or plagiarized data cannot be reported.

Editors and reviewer may ask the authors to provide the raw data for the accurate peer review process with ethical standards.

Acknowledge if there is any kind of conflict of interest.

Author present accurate and concise report of his work with impartial description with its implication.

Manuscript once submitted to any journal for publishing cannot be submitted to other at the same time.

Reported work collected or recorded under the ethical guidelines and does not violate any hazardous or human or animal subjects.

Proper acknowledgments and copyrights must be given if are taken under consideration in the manuscripts.

The person who made significant involvement to the analysis of the manuscript submitted to the journal should called as “Author”, while others called as ‘co-authors’.